Parsi Food For The Saucy Soul

For all the talk of being a foodie, and a food blogger, I write very very less about food these days. So here goes, after a long break. Today, I went to this Parsi Restaurant called ‘SodaBottleOpenerWala’, in Lavelle Road in Bangalore. This was my second ever time to a Parsi restaurant, after the legendary Leopold Cafe in south Bombay, whose food truly blew my … Continue reading Parsi Food For The Saucy Soul

Dosa: The Craving Returns

When people are generally asked what their favourite food item is, they don’t reply in an instant. That’s because it’s not easy to arrive at one particular cuisine, let alone one dish, to call your favourite. When I went around asking people about their favourite food, I got varied response: cheese pizza, fried rice, sushi, croissant, curd rice (yes!), and nachos among many things. But … Continue reading Dosa: The Craving Returns