Detention Tales: Changi Airport

I stepped out of the plane into Changi International Airport in Singapore with wide eyed enthusiasm. I was doing an international vacation after a long time. The plan was to backpack across a few South East Asian islands with my friend Mahesh, and we were going to be in Singapore for three days before proceeding to Indonesia. We slowly made our way to immigration after … Continue reading Detention Tales: Changi Airport

Native Touch Of A City Bred – Two Years Later

About two years after my last trip to a South Indian village setup, I decided to do a quick weekend trip to my friend Hari’s ancestral village last weekend. I wanted a change from the city lifestyle, even if it was just for a couple of days. His father had constructed a temple and prayer hall using crowdsourced funds for the principal deity of the … Continue reading Native Touch Of A City Bred – Two Years Later

The city of lakes – The hues and views

Udaipur is referred to as a place that can give quaint European towns a run for their money. A town nestled in the valleys of the Aravalli range, with lakes, palaces and stories of the mighty Rajput empire at every turn, Udaipur was impressive at first sight. We’re a group of four backpacking for more than a week around Rajasthan, and we had booked The … Continue reading The city of lakes – The hues and views