Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

“Eeka, come and help me with the dishes!” said Amma in an irritable tone. It was Friday evening, one week into lockdown.  “Why do I have to do it? Ask him to do it,” said my sister, pointing a finger at me. I was relaxing on the Barcalounger, playing chess online with a friend of mine. “I already cut vegetables for lunch today. Besides, didn’t … Continue reading Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

Looking Inside

Meditation is a term I’ve been familiar with for as long as I can remember. I studied in a school with deep roots in vedic heritage, and our morning assembly had ten minutes dedicated for students to meditate. I didn’t really enjoy it back then, even indulging in the odd diss. Fast forward 15 years, to the present.  Every year, I undertake a pilgrimage to … Continue reading Looking Inside