Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

“Eeka, come and help me with the dishes!” said Amma in an irritable tone. It was Friday evening, one week into lockdown.  “Why do I have to do it? Ask him to do it,” said my sister, pointing a finger at me. I was relaxing on the Barcalounger, playing chess online with a friend of mine. “I already cut vegetables for lunch today. Besides, didn’t … Continue reading Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

Cracking Augmented Reality

How we made AR a reality at Furlenco Purchasing furniture is like stepping into a relationship. You’re letting someone into your home; into your personal space. Sometimes, that someone is the reason why a ‘house’ becomes a ‘home’. You want that someone to be as perfect as possible. To put it in simple words, this is a big decision for a customer. It was natural … Continue reading Cracking Augmented Reality

Things That I’ve Seen, Done And Learnt In The Past Year

It is my blogiversary today, meaning, I’ve successfully completed one year of personal blog writing, and written 28 posts in the process which I’m quite happy about. So I took some time off and thought about the things that have happened in the past one year. Things that I’ve seen: 1. Two cracking Test matches Live: India against England and Australia, in different cities. 2. The rise of … Continue reading Things That I’ve Seen, Done And Learnt In The Past Year

Departments of College in one line

Just like how every movie has a tagline, every department in our college deserves one too. Here is a non-exhaustive list. P.S. : Do not feel bad if your department has not been featured. It is probably a good thing. CSE: And you thought you couldn’t get an arrear in lab IT: Because you weren’t good enough for CSE Mechanical: Where guys fall in love with … Continue reading Departments of College in one line

Types of people at workplace

Having completed almost one year at work, I have managed to get a reasonable insight into the different types of people one can see at work. Disclaimer: For simplicity, I’m going to refer to the people primarily in masculine gender in this entry. Feminists and women, please don’t bite my head off for lack of equality. These categories apply to both men and women, and have … Continue reading Types of people at workplace