Food That Blew My Mind Last Week

It had been a while since I went to any place that prided itself for the quality of food. So I decided to hop out with a friend and checkout Bombay Brasserie, a restaurant that’s been getting rave reviews since its inception, and a place that had been on my radar for quite a long time now. Brasserie is a French term for a restaurant with relaxed setting, serving single dishes. At this point if you think it has something to do with lingerie, no it does not. That word has a different spelling.


The menu was slightly limited under each category, so we went ahead with the recommended options. The crackling tamatar soup came first. It was served in what looked like a tall chai glass, going against the popular narrative of soup in a bowl with a spoon. The first sip told me that we’d come to the right place. The thickness was perfect, with the right amount of sweetness a tomato soup deserves, while the floating wheat crisps gave it a crunchy spicy twist.

As a fan of mushrooms, I found next dish quite irresistible. The big button mushrooms were well grilled and stuffed with pahadi masala, and the succulent green yoghurt chutney accompanying it provided the tinge of sourness that took the dish to the next level. I was in two minds; should I gobble it up or slowly relish and eat every bite. I ended up doing the former without a shade of guilt.


Cantering on to the main course, we went ahead with the waiter’s counsel and ordered paneer in pearl-onion gravy alongside some butter naans. Here’s where my mind was ready to get blown. While I’m a fan of cashew and butter gravies, I decided to take the leap of faith with the onion gravy this time considering the arm and leg we were gonna pay for it. The naans came in what looked like a winnowing shovel, and were deliciously buttery. The moment I rolled the naan around a generous portion of the gravy and put it into my mouth, I was well and truly in a heavenly place. That was the softest paneer preparation I’ve partaken since those days in school when a Jain friend of mine used to bring home made paneer curry to school for lunch. 

Moving on to desserts, I’d recommend one thing for sure: the rasagulla wallowing in condensed milk and mango pulp (aamras). The decorations were quite eye catchy, with a bank of smoking liquid nitrogen around the dish giving it a royal vibe.


At this moment, I realise the place is definitely gourmet worthy, and the chance of there being one bad dish would be akin to finding a beach in Bangalore.

While on the expensive side, I’m sure this is one of those places that come under the ‘once a month indulge’ space. I’d go for it over and over again.

PS: I hear from my non-vegetarian friends that the butter chicken and galouti kebab aren’t things you should be missing out on from this restaurant.

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