Falling Prey


As he hid behind a clump of bushes, he noticed his knees shaking. He was never the one to give attention to fitness. Who can blame him? He headed one of the world’s biggest app companies. And members of the Korean military, who had sought his technological assistance for their latest project, were chasing him today. Sensing the damage it could potentially cause to the world, but unable to point blank refuse a favour, he made sure what he built would fail under specific circumstances. But he didn’t expect them to test it the day he was going to leave.

Now he was being hunted. His only option was to swim up to the boats and hope they don’t come chasing that way. And then he froze. Where there was a white bird when he had looked at the water less than five minutes back, there now was a tiny mountain like dark object moving slowly, which he knew only too well to be a crocodile. All the colour drained from his face.

(173 words)

This entry is written for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers. It is a feature where a photo is posted every week, and a creative entry is written under 175 words.

Thanks to J S Brand for providing the picture.

10 thoughts on “Falling Prey

  1. Oh, poor guy. He’s in a bind for sure. I like that he tried to make the world safer, but it’s sad that he won’t (apparently) survive his good deed. Maybe, something will happen and he will get away. I am always hopeful.

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  2. Caught btw a rock and a hard place. I’m not sure what I’d do in his case. Can he jab out the crocodiles eyes?


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