The Three Eyed Raven


“Now what on earth is this?”

Tracy looked up. Alice had noticed something in the corner of the shop, and both of them went near it to have a closer look.

“Could this be a gruesome representation of an execution?”

“Execution? Who executes by puncturing the person’s eyes? Looks more like an image of someone who died in a battle to me. ”

“But it’s not just the eyes. There’s a third arrow on the forehead.”

“The killer must have been a great archer.”

“Doesn’t explain why they have to shoot at both the eyes if a headshot can do the trick”

“Unless they weren’t aiming to just kill. What if they were going for the eyes?”

“Wait, you mean to say, the victim might have had three eyes?”

“Makes more sense to me.”

And then she saw it. The plank directly underneath the showpiece.

This is a modern depiction of the act that led to the end of the Great War. Valar Morghulis.”

This is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Jade M. Wong for providing the picture.

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