Arsenal vs Leicester City – From the eyes of Alexandre Lacazette

August 11, Arsenal vs Leicester City, 19:45 Kick Off


Okay, I’m starting today. First day. Big game. Let’s hope I don’t take as long as Henry to get my first goal for Arsenal. Glad to have Ozil in the XI. His through balls are pinpoint accurate. It’ll help release some pressure if I get a goal.


Nerves. Nerves. Don’t let it get to you. Focus.



This atmosphere is electric. Kick off and first touch. I feel much better now.


Holy crap. I just scored off my second ever touch in the Premier League. Great ball, Elneny. How do I celebrate? I didn’t think this through. It’s ok, let’s just stand and look around, or maybe do a mini-dab, I don’t know!



That’s one job done. Seems like the weight is off my shoulders. I wonder what they’re going to write in the papers tomorrow. ‘Debutant Lacazette powers Gunners to their first win of the season’.

Oh my God! Did they just equalise?

I just realised it’s only my third touch of the game and I’m kicking off again already.


Where are you, Mesut? I need that through ball right now. Shaking my head.


This is horrendous defending, guys. You don’t let a team counter like that after attacking so well. What was Cech doing there? Come out and catch the ball, bro.

Wenger Out? Seriously? They were going crazy with joy half an hour ago.



Phew. 2-2 going into the break. Welbeck almost fluffed it, as usual. But momentum is with us. Good thinking from Sead to lay it to Welbeck instead of going for it on his own.


This is not good. How fragile is our defence? C’mon lads. Let’s keep attacking. A goal is within our reach.


Bonjour, mon ami Greek God. Let’s pull off some French skills. You hold the ball and release to me while I run.


ONE AARON RAMSEY! I wonder who is going to die this time?

Holy seven hells! I thought I had another. This is getting intense. How did Schmeichel save that one from point blank range? I hope I don’t regret this one.


Oh my freaking God. How does he do it again and again? The crowd has gone absolutely ballistic. “Na na na naaaa, Giroud!”



I’ve seen it all! The first day of the season. Hope, deflation, crumbling, hope again, and a new level of elation. This is what I came here for!

“Welcome to the crazy world of Arsenal”, smiles Arsene smugly with a pat on his back and walks away.

This entry is a figment of the author’s imagination But you knew that, of course!


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