And He Pondered


As he sat by the beach, a rush of memories came back to him. The first time his dad took him to the shore, the time when he played frisbee with his cousins, the time when he built sand castles and the times when he used to paint pictures of the beach.

He tried recalling the last time he went to a beach. Was it when he went with his sister and had sweet corn on the cob, grilled to perfection? Or was it when he went along with his friend deep into the ocean, lost his friend’s glasses and it got washed off to the shore, much like magic. No, it was when he went with two of his best friends, sat under the stars and spoke about life; where life was taking him and his friends.

All this he pondered, as he made out with her under the full moon, confused as to why he couldn’t enjoy the moment and chose to focus on such thoughts instead.

This is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode for providing the picture.

8 thoughts on “And He Pondered

  1. The wave of his beach memories hit me like the fresh surf and i enjoyed reading them. Wonder why he couldn’t enjoy fully the time with her.


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