Exciting food for the excited soul

Five items I enjoyed this week:

Pad Thai at Sichuan 

Little did I know that Pad Thai was an unfamiliar dish to most people, till I asked my friend to look for Asian dinner places that had Pad Thai on the menu one day and he didn’t know what it was.

Pad Thai noodles, as the name suggests, is a Thai delicacy made out of flat wheat noodles, sweetish soy sauce, choice of vegetables, chicken or prawn garnished with peanuts and leek. The Pad Thai I had at Sichuan was as good as any I’ve eaten in a long time.


Mushroom Ontario at Prost 

The creamy and cheesy mushrooms tossed in garlic sauce was so delicious that I had to resist myself from ordering another portion. It came with two pieces of garlic bread, whose very existence is to wipe the creamy cheese sticking on to the plate post dinner, which by the way, tastes better than the dish itself on most occasions.

Open Dosa at South Tiffins

I’ve been going out to eat for as long as I can remember, and I’ve visited and lived in a lot of cities, but never have I come across the dish known as ‘open dosa’ anywhere except a small, stand and eat outlet called South Tiffins in Koramangala.

This innovative dish is unlike the normal dosa in many ways. The batter used is slightly sour, which makes the dosa softer, much like an oothappam or set dosa. It is cooked on only one side, and a ball of masala is placed on it while still being cooked and kept open, with a final touch of grated carrots and coconut, and a dollop of butter on top. It is definitely very tasty.


Home made curd rice

Sometimes, the simplest of dishes can be the answer to your stomach’s needs. All I have to do is make rice at home, buy a packet of curd, mix them together and use Amma’s delicious mango thokku (it’s the season now) as a side. The satisfaction is unparalleled. Maybe a thin crust double cheese pizza can come close. Maybe.

Churros from Gobble Up

When a colleague of mine shouted one evening, “Guys, we’ve ordered some new snacks today, come and get them”, I was excitedly inquisitive. What I did not expect was five different flavoured boxes of Churros. Churros are basically strips of pastries with a fried and glazed dough covering, filled with different things, ranging from vanilla and raspberry cream to chocolate and hazelnut.

It was something I had never eaten before and it was incredible. I loved it. Research tells me they are popular in Southern European countries, but it is unclear as to where it originated. But who cares? I’ve found a new go-to snack.


Images are for representative purposes only.

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