Things That I’ve Seen, Done And Learnt In The Past Year

It is my blogiversary today, meaning, I’ve successfully completed one year of personal blog writing, and written 28 posts in the process which I’m quite happy about. So I took some time off and thought about the things that have happened in the past one year.

Things that I’ve seen:

1. Two cracking Test matches Live: India against England and Australia, in different cities.

2. The rise of liberals, and outcry on Social Media on issues ranging from Jallikattu and Aadhaar Card to Snapchat.

3. The renewed rivalries between two of the greatest tennis players in history.

4. Living under literal house arrest for a few days as a Tamilian in Bangalore during the Cauvery Riots, and subsequent disguise as a Mallu to move around streets without getting beaten up.

5. The rise and fall of Pokémon Go (although I know a handful who still play).

6. The Game of Thrones in TN Politics. Especially the antics of O. Paneer Selvam in front of live media, followed by Sasikala’s sabatham.

7. The rapid slide of Arsenal FC and the peak of #WengerOut revolution.

A lot of firsts that I’ve done:

1. Went on two very successful trips. Goa during New Year and Rajasthan in late March. Great, fun filled learning experiences. Apart from that, went on a 3 day business trip to Sri Lanka.

2. Created a band out of thin air and won The Hindu Madras Beats competition, and composed the Official Madras Anthem for Madras Day.

3. Switched four houses in four different parts of the same city.

4. Adrenalin pumping medium and long distance road trips.

5. Heard and loved Shape of You before it became cool.

6. Changed jobs from a big corporate to a small startup, resulting in a huge learning curve and changing perspectives of life and career.

Ground reality checks:

1. Time moves very quickly.

I’ve felt that last year has been the fastest, in comparison to other years in my life. When I spoke about it to a friend, he said it is probably because there are so many changes around us. People come and go, we do so many different things, and the constant factors are quite limited. Which takes me to point two.

2. Everyone will undergo many changes.

Be it pursuing higher studies in another continent, or simply moving to another city or job, I’ve noticed a lot of people from my close circle are no longer right around me. But at the same time, new circles form, and we find ways to move on unaffected.

3. Social media is good, as long as you’re a passive watcher.

If you offer an opinion on something, get ready to be thrashed for it. Instead, pick someone’s status, grab some popcorn, start scrolling and watch the action unroll. These are more interesting than the crap they call movies these days.

4. Growing up isn’t boring.

We are so used to looking through one glass, that we don’t realise what else is in store in the others. The possibilities are huge. Carpe Diem!

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