Five things I learnt this week


Never sit beside your manager at work.

    I know you’re thinking, ‘Why would anyone sit beside their manager?’ I didn’t have a choice. My manager came and sat next to me all day to learn some aspects in coding and to resolve issues together, and that was the most demanding day at work for me in the past one year. The worst part is, there’s nothing I can do to prevent occurrences like this in the future.


    You can speak tamil out in the open in Bangalore now

      I had to go through a lot to try and hide my Tamil ethnicity in the past couple of months for the fear of being beaten up by fanatics or politically fuelled forces, by speaking in terribly broken Hindi but I’ve seen enough people around me off late, including vegetable vendors and cab drivers speaking freely in Tamil. I have no fears now.

      Eating pani puri by the roadside after 9pm is a bad idea.

      This is quite simple. The roadside boy comes with a fixed amount of material. And he’s surprisingly popular. Put two and two together and you’ll see he runs out of material by 9. When I went, he mixed up whatever he had left and gave me as the pani and I was clearly disappointed.

      If you’re leaving to your home town from a big city, always do so a day early.

        This Diwali weekend, known for its notorious traffic is dreaded by one and all who either want to leave the city for their home towns, or live near the mofussil bus station. As luck might have it, I’m at the intersection. Having suffered innumerable times in the past in terms of traffic and availability of transport, I decided to leave one day earlier. And it has proved to be a masterstroke.

        MS Dhoni is still very cool behind the stumps.

          If you’re an Indian and active on Facebook with even a mild interest in cricket, you wouldn’t have not noticed MS Dhoni’s blind move to run Ross Taylor out with his back facing the stumps. Critics calling out for his head might have to wait a little longer.

          Until next week..

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