Departments of College in one line

Just like how every movie has a tagline, every department in our college deserves one too. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

P.S. : Do not feel bad if your department has not been featured. It is probably a good thing.

  • CSE:

And you thought you couldn’t get an arrear in lab

  • IT:

Because you weren’t good enough for CSE

  • Mechanical:

Where guys fall in love with guys

  • ECE:

Keep thinking about hardware and software but end up nowhere

  • Material Science:

When you search for it all day and realise it’s inside another department’s building

  • Printing:

Open your own xerox kadai with an engineering degree

  • Agriculture:

Not sure whether to grow rice or wheat this year

  • AC Tech:

Wish I was in CEG

  • Pharma tech:

When the best company that comes for campus placement is Muthu Pharmacy

  • Bio-Med:

When you convince people for four years that you don’t belong to Bio-Tech. Or medicine.

  • Food tech:

When you have the opportunity to intern at the Canteen

  • Manufacturing:

Hi, I’m Sivaram, Manu.

Nice to know. I’m Aditya, Arsenal.

  • EEE:

Thambi, come fix this tube light.

The original version of this article was written for The Guindy Times, Campus Magazine of Anna University, and can be found here.


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