Brawl over Which City is Hotter, Chennai or Bangalore?

My guest entry for The Onion Bhajji blog.


War of words heats up in the month of March

News of a street fight in Marathahalli, Bangalore has emerged out of nowhere. A closer look revealed that the brawl sparked out of a casual comment by a new tenant in one of the houses that Bangalore is so hot these days, and he’d rather live in its South Indian rival city of Chennai.

To verify the facts and come to a consensus, we went around asking a bunch of people. Says Mark Schienfield from the Weather Channel, “We’ve seen a significant hike in the temperatures in Bangalore, and while the rest of the world celebrates the onset of Spring, South of India is experiencing terrible heat already.”

“We’ve observed that this is a result of Global warming, which is a result of CFCs being emitted throughout the globe”, he says, sitting in his plush air-conditioned office at London.


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