Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

“Eeka, come and help me with the dishes!” said Amma in an irritable tone. It was Friday evening, one week into lockdown.  “Why do I have to do it? Ask him to do it,” said my sister, pointing a finger at me. I was relaxing on the Barcalounger, playing chess online with a friend of mine. “I already cut vegetables for lunch today. Besides, didn’t … Continue reading Lockdown Diaries – Sibling Rivalry

Looking Inside

Meditation is a term I’ve been familiar with for as long as I can remember. I studied in a school with deep roots in vedic heritage, and our morning assembly had ten minutes dedicated for students to meditate. I didn’t really enjoy it back then, even indulging in the odd diss. Fast forward 15 years, to the present.  Every year, I undertake a pilgrimage to … Continue reading Looking Inside

Cracking Augmented Reality

How we made AR a reality at Furlenco Purchasing furniture is like stepping into a relationship. You’re letting someone into your home; into your personal space. Sometimes, that someone is the reason why a ‘house’ becomes a ‘home’. You want that someone to be as perfect as possible. To put it in simple words, this is a big decision for a customer. It was natural … Continue reading Cracking Augmented Reality

Detention Tales: Changi Airport

I stepped out of the plane into Changi International Airport in Singapore with wide eyed enthusiasm. I was doing an international vacation after a long time. The plan was to backpack across a few South East Asian islands with my friend Mahesh, and we were going to be in Singapore for three days before proceeding to Indonesia. We slowly made our way to immigration after … Continue reading Detention Tales: Changi Airport

Food Diaries: 5 Items That Caught My Attention Recently

Having come back from my recent week long trip to South East Asia, I got an opportunity to redraw my culinary boundaries. I came across some wonderful food and here are five things that impressed me the most. Mie Goreng This incredibly tasty fried noodle was something I discovered in Indonesia. Tossed up in olive oil, with a local soya-based sauce that’s hard to beat, … Continue reading Food Diaries: 5 Items That Caught My Attention Recently